Election Night Coverage (Live)

by Stephen Philips

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This recording is of a live improvised performance that occurred on election night, 4 November 2008. The recording was originally aired on Kite Radio / Stillstream.com. On election night in 2010, the original recording was aired and Stephen jammed over top of it with all new original material. So the recording here is a composite of the original 2008 performance, and the 2010 additions. Released here for the first time ever.

The recording is essentially a single track long-form work clocking in at 2 hours and 23 minutes but due to the nature of distributing long form works such as this, we've divided it up into a 3 part version which keeps more of the recording together and also a “tracked version” with tracks divided at a variety of "movement" points. Choose either one but the music is exactly the same on both.

Tracked version:


released November 8, 2016



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